Landmark Projects

Mulberry Lane Residence – Landscaping Package

Located in Ha Dong District which is best known for its silk production, Mulberry Lane is inspired by the concept of silkworms feeding on mulberry leaves and weaving the finest silk. Mulberry Lane offers luxurious living; there will also be recreational facilities including swimming pools, lawns, garden, and fitness and reading corners, as well as gym with Tai-Chi zones and chess areas.


CNA-HTE undertakes the Landscaping Package including Sub-surface drainage works. With the client’s requirement, we also contributed to the Softscape detailed design development and also provided our horticulture expertise. One of the main focal point of this development is the deck garden which connects 3 residential blocks in turn improving social interaction in a modern development.


The project duration is 16 months and expected to be completed in Quarter 4, 2013